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Aviation Technology (4) - Research Groups

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Group IDDepartmentProjectStatusArea
13AET-AMAdvance Health Monitoring and Maintenance of the Wing/Tail: To design and manufacture the Aeroelastic wing with complete setup of pressure sensors, strain gauges and accelerometers.J4
14AET-AMIntelligent systems: Design of sensor systems for maintenance based on artificial intelligence.J4
16AET-AMWind tunnel Set up: To facilitate the experimental test bed for aerodynamic, Aeroelastic and ground vibrational tests. Incorporate the real time application interface for health monitoring.J4
31AETSensors and Sensor SystemsS4
32AETSetting up a Flight Simulation LabS4
36AMNovel Morphing wingS4
37AMWind tunnel set up for aeroelastic and ground vibrational testsS4
38AMInnovations in Aerospace EducationS4
39AMAirline Disruption ManagementS4
40AMADPoly Database of Aircraft Maintenance HazardsS4
41AMAutomated Drone-Based Aircraft Maintenance InspectionS4
42AMAdvance Health Monitoring and Maintenance of the wing/tailS4
46AMAutomating robot with Artificial intelligence to perform various operationsS4
48AM-AETIntelligent Systems: Design of sensor systems for maintenance based on AIJ4
57AMTDetection of wake turbulence in flight by use of optical scintolometerS4
58AMTAugmented Reality/Virtual Reality for aircraft maintenanceS4

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