Aircraft Engineering Technology

The program is designed to provide an academic award for learning in the specialist subject area of aircraft maintenance engineering that was hitherto not recognized, and thereby encourage more students to consider a career in the aircraft maintenance industry. This program is intended to enhance the career opportunities and the professional standing of aircraft maintenance engineers, and provide a foundation for lifelong learning in the Program. this program enables EASA/GCAA Part 147 approved organizations to deliver a course that satisfies both the academic requirements of higher education and the knowledge requirements of the EASA/GCAA Part 66 category B2 license, thereby providing students with the opportunity to obtain both an academic award and a vocational qualification from a single course of study.

Satisfactory completion of the Higher Diploma in Aircraft Engineering Technologies provides for the possibility of further higher studies. Successful completion of an EASA/GCAA approved category B1.1 or B2 license course provides a solid foundation for a career in aircraft maintenance engineering. Once the work experience requirement has been satisfied and a B license obtained, there is the opportunity to complete aircraft type courses, gain approvals, and start certifying work on aircraft. Further experience provides the opportunity to apply for a Category C license and to take on team leader and management roles.

Academically, students are given the tools necessary to pursue higher learning at ADPoly and other institutions with programs supporting advanced learning or aviation technologies.

Over the past 20 years the need for aircraft designers and manufacturers has reduced considerably. In contrast, there has been an exponential growth in the air transport industry and the need for aircraft maintenance engineers.

Over the last 10 years there have been a several reports, including ICAO and Governmental papers highlighting the shortage of aircraft maintenance engineers. One, in January 2006 states “The recruitment of Licensed Engineers (Part 66, Category B and above) will become increasingly difficult over the next 3 years. It is clear from other studies that the situation remains the same today.

As a result, the employment opportunities for Aircraft Engineering graduates are excellent, especially those who complete the Diploma in Aircraft Engineering Technologies style course and at an EASA/GCAA 147 approved maintenance training organization.

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