Aircraft Engineering Technology
Program Description

The Aircraft Engineering Technology (AET) program is developed to address the need for aircraft engineering technologists in an ever expanding commercial aviation market. The expansion of commercial aviation worldwide is mandated by an increase in demand for air travel that triggered airlines to expand and modernize their fleets to register an unprecedented growth in this sector of transportation. The airlines’ fleets require a considerable amount of human resources that are versed in this high-tech industry to manage growth and maintain safety.

ADPoly’s AET program is developed to provide the UAE’s needed national expertise in aircraft engineering technologies; thus addressing a human resource concern for this UAE expanding industry. ADPoly’s AET program provides internationally (approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency-EASA) and nationally approved (Approved by the General Civil Aviation Authority of the UAE) Ab/Initio training in aircraft technologies. Additionally, the license programs are embedded into a Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research’s approved educational program. The accredited academic programs are a two and three years’ Diploma & Higher Diploma in Aircraft Engineering Technology, respectively. The accredited programs embed the requirements of EASA’s/GCAA’s Ab-Initio training under Part 66/CAR 66 category B1.1-Aeromechanic and category B2-Avionic.

Graduates of the AET program are eligible to apply for an EASA and a GCAA category B “Aircraft Certifying Technician License” after completing the Ab-Initio training requirements and a two year of relevant/approved industrial experience. The license is important for employment in civil aviation at recognized or approved maintenance facility, worldwide.

Students of this program have the opportunity to proceed to earn the Applied Bachelor degree in their area of specialization. This program has a mandatory one term On-the-Job-Training as an essential part of the students’ education.

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